Friday, February 22, 2008

Hectic Sunday! (Part 2)

By 3pm, we were back on the road. Our next stop was Keriam, Tutong. We stopped by at Shah’s home. It has a restaurant downstairs. And that's where we had another meal. Sightseeing hungered us out! Hee...

We got home in the evening, when the brother asked me and Adeq to accompany him to a birthday dinner at his girlfriend, Meelah’s home. It was her elder sister, Najmah’s birthday. We were invited so why not? Hee... So glad we attended it because Meelah’s mother cooked delicious foooood =)

This weekend is going to be just rest, rest, rest!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fun Donuts vs LA Donuts (I think..)

Last Wednesday, the boyfriend told me about the "Fun Donuts". Kami baru jua bagas makan di "Soto Bunut". But my heart ane gatal jua kan ke Yayasan kan beli donuts untuk afternoon tea. But then, we ended up finshing the whole thing in the car. Because it was sooooooooooooooooooooo.. yummy! So soft.. I loves~ hee.. Then tadi the boyfriend's brother ada beli doughnuts from Gadong. I ain't know the name of the place. But yucks! We don't like it at all..

Fun Donuts

Ewwww.. I don't likes!

Crappy doughnuts

Happy Birthday Nina~

Bouncers, barbeque, balloons, wii games competition, lucky draw.. All the fun right before school reopens on Monday.. It was the boyfiend's little niece, Nina's 5th birthday party. The venue was at the boyfriend's crib..