Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sigh! I never stopped loving you...

Yesterday around 5+pm, the grandparents dropped by the crib. They were from a "Majlis Nikah". So as usual, they were dressed up in cara melayu and baju kurung. We paid our respects by "salam", hugs and kisses. The grandma then put down the most beautiful handbag ever. The Chanel handbag! OMG! It's been years the grandma had it in possession. And still it left me breathless every time I lay my eyes on it. I'm still deeply in love with it...

A gift from Paris for the grandma


We were from the airport bagas antar the cousin, Amal, who was flying off to the UK for further studies. Panas waa the airport aa. I think the air-conds were not working. Kami hungry lagi tu. So right after the departure, we went to the Orchid Garden Hotel. We had dinner buffet cause we couldn't wait no more. Hee =)

Zapping our hunger




Fruit tarts

More cheesecakes...yum!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

January Girls

Happy 20th birthday Teacher Adeq! Hee =P
Date: Tuesday, 8th January, 2008
Venue: Berry Wan Hot Pot, Gadong

The sister, Adeq

Yummy steamboat

Fatinuddin ;)

Happy 47th birthday Mama Jane!
Date: Tuesday, 22nd January, 2008
Venue: Sri Damai Restaurant, Kiulap

Mama opened her birthday pressie, an LG cell phone

Nasirah =P

Pakistani dinner.. Yum yum~
Family birthday dinner

Bake my way to success

I love the OC. Marissa’s my favourite character in the series. She’s the reason why I’m addicted to the OC. And when I found out she died in the final season, then it became a bit dull and everything was cut short. I think they went over budget in producing the series. After the OC, I watched Ugly Betty. And since then, I couldn’t stop watching. From the OC to Ugly Betty and finally, Gossip Girl. But one thing I realize the OC and Ugly Betty have in common is they eat bagels for breakfast. I was wondering what bagels were. So, I made a few research on the internet and it says that a bagel is a ring shaped bread roll with a heavy texture. I found some recipes of homemade bagels from the net too and I even viewed videos from on how to make bagels. Now, I have the basics in making them. It’s just finding the right time to make it. Hee =) There’s one more thing I wanted to try to make. Marzipan or fondant. Marzipan is a sweet paste of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. And fondant is similar to marzipan. Well, it is used in making sweets and icing cakes. I want my cakes to look pretty because I find pretty cakes manifests signs of a good baker =) I’ll try soon..

Assorted Bagels

Marzipan/Fondant covered mini cakes

I left my heart at the beach..

I look back at the pictures taken at the beach over and over. It was taken by the boyfriend’s elder brother, Bang Mat, using a Canon 400D. Every picture taken was crisp, capturing all the fun in it. The excitement washes over me every time I scroll through the pictures. It was a sunny Sunday, 23rd December, 2007. The boyfriend’s sister, Hjh Amal, was back from the UK for a two week vacation. Everybody was home for a family day out. So, a picnic was arranged at Bang Mat’s place in Tutong. His place is just next to the beach. Just a short walk through the trees, ta-da! The beach welcomes you with its very own salty winds and aesthetic view. It melts my heart right away. I fell in love at first sight. I imagine myself possessing a home next to the beach just like Bang Mat’s. And I would spend most of my time there appreciating the beauty of Allah’s creation. Masya-Allah! The parents warned me and the sister about the dangers of swimming at the beach. But I couldn’t resist the water and went for a dip. Hee =)
Hjh Amal, Me & Nana

Bang Mat & the boyfriend, Nasir

The boyfriend & the girlfriend


Kami ber"osom" kan main dodge ball
My new love, Maksum

Monday, January 21, 2008



I'm so tired.. I've been out all day. Had lunch at the stadium with the boyfriend. Had 2 hours class with Cikgu Rohana (guess what class =P). And went to the boyfriend's crib. My head was spinning then. I think there's something wrong with my lenses. I think it's time for eye check up. I get dizzy after having my lenses on for a while. Nanti tah. Tummy was growling. The boyfriend had cravings for "tongking ayam" and "burger melayu". So we went to the night market or also known as "pasar malam" with the boyfriend's sister, Nana. It was so smoky out there. Our clothes stinked (does this word exist?) like yucks. Lama ya buat burger kami pasal ya sorang ja handle the gerai. So kami tetap patient waiting. =) From there, we went to batu bersurat. The boyriend's daddy wanted satay. Kami bali arah SML (Liyana Restaurant). Then finally, kami balik to the boyfriend's place and had dinner straightaway. Lapas tu, kami watch "Super Sweet 16" on Mtv. Sasak kami perempuan atu. Adakah ya marah pasal mamanya bagi ya present nya which is a Lexus SC430, at the wrong time. She said she wanted her to present it during her party. Abis disumpahnya mamanya aa. Poor mummy! Abis kami ucap the girl atu. Sasak kami. Hee. My final destination is my Grandparents' house. I got the boyfriend to send me up there. Ada banyak handbags sana for sale. Ada this Babyphat, LAAAAAWAAAAAAA! I likes~ Hee. But I didn't want to spend on crap. Nanti ja I buy. So now, I ended up arah Mamih Beribi. The parents and the little sister was hungry. They had supper with a friend while I write this crappy piece of my mind. Nahh.. Bis dah durang makan. And now, all chit-chats.. Ayt then, till here saja..

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is it..

Testing.. One.. Two.. Three.. xp