Monday, August 30, 2010


"Lovebirds made a promise to each other. A promise to meet at a prearranged place, time and date. So, they agreed meeting at the Brisbane International Airport on a cold winter night of 16th of May, 2010 at exactly 9.50pm. The fiancee was so nervous about meeting her fiance again. It was three months since she last saw her fiance. And on this night, her dreams came true. Once again, fate has brought them together. But this time, at a place they never thought of being at together. Brisbane♥"

-Stunned at the sight of a man capturing pics of me with his DSLR o_O-

-Soon realized that it was my Fiance surprising me =D-

-Our first picture together in Brisbane with his brand new Pentax K7 -

Mission status: Accomplished!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ultimate Dream Set of Make Up Brushes

-Make Up Artist Brush Belt Set ($422 Value) by Sephora-

Sephora's Brush Belt includes fifteen deluxe, professional brushes that will never leave you at a loss for makeup application. Every brush imaginable is at your fingertips, so you can create a professional makeup look anytime. The brushes come in Sephora's Makeup Artist Brush Belt case, made of easy-to-clean faux leather, with interior nylon pockets on the left and the right that are made to fit all brush sizes, and center pockets designed for a Kabuki brush on top and a bronzer brush underneath. An adjustable strap allows for the belt to be comfortably worn around the waist or over-the-shoulder. When you're done, simply cover brushes with the nylon flap, then fold the belt in half and close with the attached strap.

This set includes:
- Professional Natural Crease Brush #10
- Professional Natural Smudge Brush #11
- Professional Natural All Over Shadow Brush #12
- Professional Natural Medium Eyeshadow Brush #14
- Professional Lash & Eyebrow Comb #21
- Professional Angle Brush #22
- Professionnel Platinum Smokey Eye Brush #24
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Powder Brush #40
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Slant Brush #42
- Professionnel Platinum Natural Fan Brush #43
- Professionnel Platinum Stippling Brush #44
- Professionnel Platinum Concealer Brush #45
- Professionnel Platinum Foundation Brush #47
- Professionnel Platinum Bronzer Brush #48
- Professionnel Platinum Lip Brush #61

Now selling for only USD275. Go to and purchase one for yourself.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

I got song dedication TWO nights in a row! Heehee! PDA much, right? But so what? This is how I'm feeling lately. Missing the fiance more and more. And these song dedications on MSN chat really made my days. Love the lyrics of both songs! So meaningful to me. And here I am to share the music videos with all of you. Enjoy the video clips!

-When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus-

"Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
A beautiful melody
When the nights are long

'cause there is no guarantee
That this life is easy

Yea when my world is falling apart
When there's no light
To break up the dark
That's when I~
I look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I~
I look at you

When I look at you
I see forgiveness
I see the truth
You love me for who I am
Like the stars hold the moon
Right there where they belong
And I know I'm not alone

Yeah when my world is falling apart
When there's no light
To break up the dark
That's when I
I look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I~
I look at you

You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that cover me
All I need
Every breath that I breathe
Don't you know, you're beautiful~

When the waves are flooding the shore
And I can't find my way home any more
That's when I~
I look at you

I look at you
You appear just like dream to me..."

-3 Words by Cheryl Cole featuring

"I met a guy at the club
I let him know I'm in love

I met a girl at the bar
I let her know who you are
I told her you are the love of my life and
One day you're gonna be my wife and
We are gonna have some babies together

I told him you are the man of my dreams
You saved me from drowning in the streams
And I know we're really gonna last forever... And ever

It was those 3 words that saved my life
Its wasn't complicated, wasn't pre-meditated.
It wasn't under-rated, boy I'm so glad you stayed and..

It was those 3 words saved my life
It wasn't complicated, wasn't pre-meditated
To you I'm dedicated
Lets go ahead and say it...

I love you...
I love you...
You are the love of my life... My life~
I love you...
I love you...
I love you...
You are the love of my life... My life~

You know you're holdin' my heart
Can't nothing tear us apart

You know I'm so in love with you
Can't nothing tear us apart? No.

I said I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U, I'm so into you girl

She said M-E-T-O-O, it's obvious I'm so into you boy
So why don't we, (we)
Hold (hold) on (on) for (to) love (love).
Through the ups and downs, never let go
Holdin' on forever, never let go
It all started with...

3 words that saved my life.
It wasn't complicated, it wasn't complicated, it wasn't complicated, it wasn't complicated...

Baby it's 3 words that saved my life~

I love you...
I love you...
You are the love of my life... My life~
I love you...
I love you...
I love you...
You are the love of my life... My life~"

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wow! It's been more than eight months since I last posted anything in here. And I could say that it's been chaotic for the past eight months! Ok, first things first. Let's recap from where I left off.

A week right after our engagement ceremony my fiance, Nasir, departed for Brisbane to further his studies there for two years and a half. I was quite in sorrow on the day he left since it was our 32nd monthsary. And I think that's when I became less active in updating this blog. Then, I got enrolled back in ITB for the Bachelor Degree programme I applied early 2009, and started uni in August. Thought first year of Bachelor Degree programme could be a honeymoon year for me. But instead, it's my worst nightmare. It's nowhere close to what we did during HND course. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to pass and got promoted to Semester 2.

6th July
-At the airport, 6th July, 2009 11:00am-

When September 2009 came, all of us went teary-eyed. Because it was just second day of Raya when the little brother, Lei, left for UK to further his studies at Keele University. Raya wasn't celebrated the way it should be because it was my first time spending Raya alone without Nasir. Got only ONE "Baju Kurung" tailored for Raya but it was bad news for me as well. Because the tailor didn't manage to get it done by Raya eve and I had to wear my old "Baju Kurung" for first day of Raya.

-The siblings-

Two weeks after that, it was my little sister, Adeq's turn to leave for UK as well, to resume in the second year of her degree programme at Southampton University. By then, the Raya spirit that I had been holding on to went down the drain~ No more Raya for me and I was all buried with loads and loads of assignments and solitude.

-Adeq & I-

As my final exams were approaching, the day that my fiance would come back home upon completing his first semester was approaching too. He got back during my revision week, mid November 2009. I was quite nervous about reuniting with my fiance again. It felt so weird to meet each other after long months of video calls on the MSN. It seemed like we were gonna meet for the first time but knew so much about each other. I showered TWICE before going to the airport with his mum, sister and niece to fetch him. LOL! When we finally met face to face, I was speechless. I couldn't bear to say anything when he was right in front of my eyes. And that was the day that I have been waiting for all that time. Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah for the opportunity you've given me.

Then... It's the final exams! I just couldn't wait to get over with it. And when I did, another day with so much preparations to look forward to. It was Nasir's younger sister's wedding day on the 3rd of January, 2010. I was in charge of the decorating the "Balasan". Such a big responsibility I held. I was quite worried myself, wondered if I could manage it all by myself. Alhamdulillah! With the help of my mum and a few family members, we pulled through! And there goes my December.

-Orked's Dark Chocolate Mud Cake-

-Orked's creations: Fruits-

-Orked's creations: Polo shirts-

-Orked's creations: Office attire-

-At Shah's Majlis Malam Berbedak, Tutong-

-Shah & Liyana's Majlis Bersanding, Bunut-

Uni reopens by the second week of January 2010 and another month till Nasir departs for Brisbane again. He didn't get to stay for my 24th birthday, which was by the end of February 2010. It was then another first time for me celebrating my birthday without Nasir. But on the day before his flight back to Brisbane, he surprised me by taking me out to the Secret Recipe and asked me to order any cake I want. He was supposedly craving for cakes and when the cakes arrived to our table, he blurted out, "Happy advanced birthday, Syg!" And of course, there was a downpour. I was again speechless and overwhelmed.

-An advanced birthday surprise for me at the Secret Recipe, Serusop-

-The cakes-

-Lamb Pie-

Now, it's been more than a month since he got back to Brisbane. And I have a few more weeks before I face my final exams again. Well, I have to be strong to get over with this. Nicely, this time. Before indulging my looooong semester break. Wish me luck!

-At the airport, 9th February, 2010 1:30am-

I actually still have lots to share but I think it's too much too splurge on just one post. Maybe I'll post up some more pics soon. So now, I'm officially back blogging in here! =)