Monday, August 30, 2010


"Lovebirds made a promise to each other. A promise to meet at a prearranged place, time and date. So, they agreed meeting at the Brisbane International Airport on a cold winter night of 16th of May, 2010 at exactly 9.50pm. The fiancee was so nervous about meeting her fiance again. It was three months since she last saw her fiance. And on this night, her dreams came true. Once again, fate has brought them together. But this time, at a place they never thought of being at together. Brisbane♥"

-Stunned at the sight of a man capturing pics of me with his DSLR o_O-

-Soon realized that it was my Fiance surprising me =D-

-Our first picture together in Brisbane with his brand new Pentax K7 -

Mission status: Accomplished!