Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hectic Sunday! (Part 1)

Two hectic Sundays in a row! Last two weeks was Nina’s birthday party. Last Sunday was a road trip to KB for the car carnival along with the boyfriend, the boyfriend’s sister, the boyfriend’s sister’s other half, and the sister. In short, it was me, Nasir, Nana, Shah and Adeq. It was almost lunch time when we arrived KB and first stop was the “Excapade Sushi”. And guess what, it was full! Like always~ So, we had lunch at the “London Kebab” just across the street. I had lamb doner and the boyfriend had cod roe with chips. Yum yum!

We finished lunch and went straight to the carnival. It was a sunny day. The heat penetrated my skin and triggered my sweat glands. Hee... What detail! Panas lahh yang pentingnya. Well, the guest of honour, a Hummer H2, was there. Scooters, riders, motor bikes, four wheel drives, you name it! They had all kinds of rides gathered up there. Despite all the sweat, we managed to visit every part of the carnival. The airbrush booth, the food stalls, the sound system booth, etc.

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