Friday, August 8, 2008

Outstanding Posts

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Hasif & Amal
Date: Friday, 27th June, 2008
Venue: Frattini's, Gadong
p.s. Thanks for the dinner treat Hasif & Hjh Amal!

Happy Birthday Bang Aji!
Date: Friday, 4th July, 2008
Venue: Seafood Centre, Jln. Muara
p.s. Thanks for the dinner treat Bang Aji!

Yummy cake from Dairy Queen

Bandar's Festive Lights
Date: Friday, 4th July, 2008
Venue: Bandar Seri Begawan

Best of luck in Brisbane Farah!
Date: Friday/Saturday, 4/5th July, 2008
Venue: Brunei International Airport, Berakas

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary Babah & Mama!
Date: Saturday, 5th July, 2008
Venue: Seri Damai Restaurant, Kiulap (Paskitani Restaurant)

Naan & Prawn Karahe.. My favourite~

Say a little prayer for us Sayang...

Chicken Briyani & Tandoori Chicken... Also my favourite~ Hee

Sweet Plain Lassi... A must-have drink!

Dreamcones gelato for dessert
Date: Monday, 7th July, 2008
Venue: My Byy's Home, Bunut
Mentor: Hjh Nana... Hee!

WiiMii or is it WeeMee?
Anyway, it's Hjh Amal's kitty. So cute~ And SUPERNAUGHTY! Hee...

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Anonymous said...

the food in your pics look DELICIOUS! it's making me hungry!