Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sandcastle Disco

I just arrived home when Nasir asked, "Cuba Syg liat blog Byy yang Within Alpha tu." I was still in my baju kurung after attending Natasha and Kamal's wedding reception at The Rizqun International Hotel. And my bro was playing CS on my lappie so I took my time to change into comfy clothes before checking out what's so special about Within Alpha.

I was FLATTERED when I saw the latest post of Within Alpha! It's a pweeety shot of me taken by Nasir when we were at the beach the other day. OMG, I am so loving it! Voluntary modeling wasn't that bad after all. I guess this is the credit for doing such a good deed aka voluntary modeling. *LOL* Thank you Byy for the beautiful shot of Syg!

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