Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally, I baked!

Bought the ingredients a while ago but didn't have the chance to actually make the cookies. I would be out with friends and family or the other half most of the time until last Monday when Nasir asked what my plans were for the next day. I had the urge to say, "I'm going to bake cookies." But I stopped myself halfway when I remembered the last time I replied him that sort of answer. I told him that I was going to bake but I never did. So, this time I said, " I don't know. No plans so far. Just stay home, I guess." And that's when he said, "Baiktah buat cookies since nada kan dibuat." I smiled and and replied, "Well, I'm going to but I just don't want to say it."

So here it is, the cookies I made with so much determination. A whole lot of 1400 grams of cookies. These cookies didn't make it to where it should have been sold. Once these cookies were out of the oven, my mum booked 400 grams of them. Then the next day, my Grandma called to book another 400 grams, my brother bought 200 grams as a gift for Meelah's mum and Zaty bought 200 grams for her mum and herself as well. And the last 200 grams of them ended up in my possession. I took a 100 grams portion to the movies and shared it with Nana. We were watching the Shopaholic movie together and had the cookies to munch on during the movie. Then the other 100 grams ended up as a gift for the other half as a "roomwarming" gift when I finally get to see his newly renovated room last Thursday. I had been holding up for so long because I didn't have a gift for his room. And when I finally agree to go back to his home to see his facelifted bedroom, I only had a tin of cookies as a gift. But I will get him a proper gift for his new bedroom soon, Insyallah! So, a total of 1200 grams of cookies are sold! Alhamdulillah!

Freshly baked Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now, I have four boxes of cookies (which is equivalent to 2000 grams) to make by Saturday night. One box is ordered by Sunui, another box ordered by Zaty (for her boyfriend, Aliff) and another two boxes ordered by Uncle Faris. And a box of Uncle Faris' order will be going to KL with his twin brother, Uncle Harris. Thanks to all my supporting customers! I had a good start in my baking business with all of you.

To make an order, call/text 8962702 or email me at


MrsWrxDc5 said...

slurp~~nyaman usulnya..hehehe

Orked said...

Bukan saja usulnya nyaman, rasanya pun nyaman ne. Heehee! Need any reviews? Ask Nasir. LOL! Kes terpaksa puji pasal kana feed with free cookies =P