Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Hellokitty Makeup Birthday Pressie

Besides the Red Killer Heels air flown birthday present from AdeQ, here's another birthday present air flown from Singapore. It's from my two beautiful Poppies, Tika and Ditta.

M·A·C's Limited Edition Hellokitty Lip Gloss in Fast Friends



Then today, I checked my FB and found out that Amal has left me a message on my wall. She asked me to check her blog out and I was surprised to see her latest post. She got me these! Another birthday present to be air flown from UK. Because she said that she want to give it to me in person when she flies back home this June.

H&M's Hellokitty Eyeshadows and Make-up Kit


Thank you Tika, Ditta and Amal! I'm TOTALLY lavished with Hellokitty makeup gifts by all of you! I feel that everyday is my birthday. Heehee! Well, all I know now is that I am OFFICIALY a spoiled brat!

*pure bliss*

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