Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bake my way to success

I love the OC. Marissa’s my favourite character in the series. She’s the reason why I’m addicted to the OC. And when I found out she died in the final season, then it became a bit dull and everything was cut short. I think they went over budget in producing the series. After the OC, I watched Ugly Betty. And since then, I couldn’t stop watching. From the OC to Ugly Betty and finally, Gossip Girl. But one thing I realize the OC and Ugly Betty have in common is they eat bagels for breakfast. I was wondering what bagels were. So, I made a few research on the internet and it says that a bagel is a ring shaped bread roll with a heavy texture. I found some recipes of homemade bagels from the net too and I even viewed videos from on how to make bagels. Now, I have the basics in making them. It’s just finding the right time to make it. Hee =) There’s one more thing I wanted to try to make. Marzipan or fondant. Marzipan is a sweet paste of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. And fondant is similar to marzipan. Well, it is used in making sweets and icing cakes. I want my cakes to look pretty because I find pretty cakes manifests signs of a good baker =) I’ll try soon..

Assorted Bagels

Marzipan/Fondant covered mini cakes

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