Thursday, January 24, 2008

I left my heart at the beach..

I look back at the pictures taken at the beach over and over. It was taken by the boyfriend’s elder brother, Bang Mat, using a Canon 400D. Every picture taken was crisp, capturing all the fun in it. The excitement washes over me every time I scroll through the pictures. It was a sunny Sunday, 23rd December, 2007. The boyfriend’s sister, Hjh Amal, was back from the UK for a two week vacation. Everybody was home for a family day out. So, a picnic was arranged at Bang Mat’s place in Tutong. His place is just next to the beach. Just a short walk through the trees, ta-da! The beach welcomes you with its very own salty winds and aesthetic view. It melts my heart right away. I fell in love at first sight. I imagine myself possessing a home next to the beach just like Bang Mat’s. And I would spend most of my time there appreciating the beauty of Allah’s creation. Masya-Allah! The parents warned me and the sister about the dangers of swimming at the beach. But I couldn’t resist the water and went for a dip. Hee =)
Hjh Amal, Me & Nana

Bang Mat & the boyfriend, Nasir

The boyfriend & the girlfriend


Kami ber"osom" kan main dodge ball
My new love, Maksum

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