Monday, January 21, 2008



I'm so tired.. I've been out all day. Had lunch at the stadium with the boyfriend. Had 2 hours class with Cikgu Rohana (guess what class =P). And went to the boyfriend's crib. My head was spinning then. I think there's something wrong with my lenses. I think it's time for eye check up. I get dizzy after having my lenses on for a while. Nanti tah. Tummy was growling. The boyfriend had cravings for "tongking ayam" and "burger melayu". So we went to the night market or also known as "pasar malam" with the boyfriend's sister, Nana. It was so smoky out there. Our clothes stinked (does this word exist?) like yucks. Lama ya buat burger kami pasal ya sorang ja handle the gerai. So kami tetap patient waiting. =) From there, we went to batu bersurat. The boyriend's daddy wanted satay. Kami bali arah SML (Liyana Restaurant). Then finally, kami balik to the boyfriend's place and had dinner straightaway. Lapas tu, kami watch "Super Sweet 16" on Mtv. Sasak kami perempuan atu. Adakah ya marah pasal mamanya bagi ya present nya which is a Lexus SC430, at the wrong time. She said she wanted her to present it during her party. Abis disumpahnya mamanya aa. Poor mummy! Abis kami ucap the girl atu. Sasak kami. Hee. My final destination is my Grandparents' house. I got the boyfriend to send me up there. Ada banyak handbags sana for sale. Ada this Babyphat, LAAAAAWAAAAAAA! I likes~ Hee. But I didn't want to spend on crap. Nanti ja I buy. So now, I ended up arah Mamih Beribi. The parents and the little sister was hungry. They had supper with a friend while I write this crappy piece of my mind. Nahh.. Bis dah durang makan. And now, all chit-chats.. Ayt then, till here saja..

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