Monday, July 14, 2008

Ride With You by Orked

As I stepped into the passenger's seat next to myByy, I realized how lucky I was to ride in a legend car. I never thought I would fall in love all over again (I thought myByy was my last love =p). We went to Trillium in Gadong to get it washed but unfortunately, it was raining. They couldn't get the GTR washed. So, we brought it back to my Byy's home and my Byy washed it himself. Awww.. We waited for darkness to fall before hitting the roads again. Out of the blue, our tummies felt hungry so we headed to Soto Bunut in Kiulap and had our dinner before proceeding with the photography session. My experience with the GTR was un-explainable. It was totally wonderful! The GTR sped up so fast in the first two gears and proved the strength of its engine. And the G-Force was amazing! Nissan R35 GTR is an automatic sports car with "manual-feel experience". It's nothing like what you expect in a luxury car. It's all you wanted in a sports car. But more! Okay, okay.. I'm exagerrating in here because I ain't know what you want. But it definitely offers more than I expected. By the end of the day, I had a new favourite car. No, it's my dream car. DADDY, I WANT A NISSAN R35 GTR! Well, that's how my second date with Mr. Hot went. It's a one car ride I'll never forget. For all the car rides I've taken for granted, this time it's gonna be the car ride of a lifetime. Thank you Love for taking Syg on a ride! And thanks Bang Haji *tut!* (hee!) for lending us your Monster Road Machine.
p.s. I didn't bring the DSLR with me. That's one thing I regret most in my life!

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