Thursday, July 17, 2008

Semester Break Bakery Project

I was opened for bakery business during my semester break. So far, order of TWO batches of 500 grams old fashion cookies (which makes it a kilogram), EIGHT brownies (worth of B$144! Hee!) and ONE mud cake, which was ordered by my Mama specially for Ka Siti's "Balasan". And of course, I didn't charge my Mama for it.
Besides that, I made homemade pizzas at my Byy's home with his little sis, Hjh Nana. She prepared the dough earlier while I prepare all the toppings. Like cutting the capsicum, mushroom, tomatoes, pineapples, sausages, etc. After an hour, the dough was ready to be shaped. Me and my Byy was in charge of shaping. Hjh Nana was then, in charge of assembling the toppings. Shaping the dough wasn't an easy job. It requires looooots of strength. A man's strength! And patience too. My first three pizzas weren't quite that round. But my last two were the best-looking pizzas amongst all. I guess it requires practice too. Hee! Anyway, it was fun making pizzas at home. All the hard work were worth the time because it tasted sooooooo good!
Old Fashion Cookies = $15 per 500g

Mud Cake = $38 (excluding decorations)

Tuna, Salami and Satay Pizzas = not for sale (still in the process of perfecting)
Sorry I don't have a picture of the brownies because I forgot to snap a picture of it. I'll make some next time and snap a picture of it. Anyway, it costs for $18 including chocolate frosting and peanut topping.
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